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Autofox is an online automotive platform with a leading position in Czechia and throughout Central Europe. The company entered the market in February 2009. At present, it provides three services: news service (Autofox News), banner advertising (Autofox Banner), and advertising services Autofox Advert (Job, Event, Estate, Enterprise, Offer, Order). The website is divided into Professional (Profi) and Consumer sections (Fun).

Autofox News is a service focused on providing newscast from the automotive and related fields. It is intended primarily for companies and other legal entities that need fast, detailed and comprehensive information service for their work. Information is published in the form of flashes (Autofox Flash News), current public news (Autofox Public News) and articles (Autofox Original News). Flash usually has a link to the sources (hyperlink, document, photo). Article contains information and contexts in the author's text of Autofox or partner agency, and may contain photo gallery, videos, tables, related articles. The news reporting deals with a number of topics such as products, services, prices, promotion, alternative drives, orders, tenders, business network, cooperation, plans, expansion, investment, premises, human resources, personnel changes, changes in ownership, business results, financial results, legislation, analyses, estimates, professional events.

Autofox Banner is a banner advertising service that we provide separately in the consumer section Fun and the expert section Profi. It is intended primarily for companies and other legal entities that want to address their needs (presentation of company, promotion of products and services, information about changes, searching for new partners, promotion of events, recruitment, sale of real estate, offer of free capacities, sale of company or its parts, image advertising, thanks to customers and partners). There are 6 ad formats with 15 ad placements in the Fun section and 4 formats with 13 placements in the Profi section, including video ad.

Autofox Job is a job-mediation service. It is intended primarily for companies that are looking for new employees to occupy common or managerial positions. It is also a good tool for staffing agencies seeking suitable candidates for their clients and for employees or managers looking for a new job challenge.

Autofox Event is a service aimed at promoting events such as conferences, seminars, fairs, training sessions, test drives or presentations. It is intended primarily for companies that hold professional or consumer-focused events.

Autofox Estate is a service focused on the use of vacant real estate such as car showrooms, halls or land. It is intended primarily for owners of commercial real estate who want to sell or rent them. It is also designed for real estate agencies and other intermediaries or investors looking for leased commercial real estate or companies that are in search of real estate to expand their business activities.

Autofox Enterprise is a brokerage service. It is intended primarily for business owners who want to sell their companies. These may be, for example, entrepreneurs who do not have a successor. It is also designed for automotive companies looking for opportunities to expand their business activities or seeking acquisitions of competitors and investors who want to buy an interesting company.

Autofox Offer is a service aimed at promoting of companies, their products and services or free capacities. It is intended primarily for companies that want to promote their products and services, have some products in stock or have free space in their premises.

Autofox Order is a order-mediation service. On one hand, it is intended for companies that are looking for products and services, and companies that want to gain new contracts on other hand. Vehicle fleets, car service, tires, fuel, insurance, transportation, material and semi-finished products, engineering products or equipment of premises may be the objects of the contract.

Autofox services are mainly used by automakers, component manufacturers, distributors, new car dealers, used car dealers, leasing companies, insurance companies, assistance services, personnel agencies, facility equipment suppliers, ministries, universities, as well as development, logistics, expert, consulting and other companies.

Service settings (thematic filter, language, frequency of sending) make it possible to fully meet the needs of organizations in the field of informing owners, senior, middle and lower managers, specialists, etc. In addition to ongoing information service, Autofox also offers a rich archive. All this provided 365 days a year.

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Fischer Surface Technologies (manufacturer of chrome-plated plastic parts for interior...
In referendum in October 2021, residents of Třemošnice, Czechia expressed their opposition...
Cebia establishes cooperations with automakers in field of motor vehicle approval process...
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Kaufland (Schwarz Group) to invest over CZK 2 billion (EUR 83 million) in expanding...
Arrogance Equipment/Trim: ČSOB Poisťovňa launched campaign in Slovakia for car insurance...
JLR You Owe Us: Milberg London filed group action against Jaguar Land Rover (Tata Group)...
Formel D (3i Group 57.93%, CITIC Capital 23.78%; service provider for automotive, supply...
Letoplast (manufacturer of plastic parts for automotive, other industries with 320...
Energy crisis, ESG: Gumotex (manufacturer of rubber, plastic products with 1,700 employees...
Volvo Cars started publishing in car configurators in some countries (UK, Germany)...
Škoda Auto to expand existing Emissions Centre South in Mladá Boleslav, Czechia in area of...
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Certina Group acquired PAL (manufacturer of wipers for Volkswagen, Škoda Auto, Audi, SEAT...
Jaguar Land Rover started publishing in car configurators in some countries (UK) delivery...
ESG, e-Mobility: CB Auto (Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda, VW Commercial Vehicles, Mazda, Kia...
Škoda Auto introduced system in Czechia enabling dealerships/service centers to invest in...
Czech antitrust authority imposed fine on two car dealers for cartel
Shandong Linglong Tire wants to build two more plants, one in Europe
Chassix wants to build plant in Eastern Europe
SaarGummi plans further investment in Czech Rep
Samsung looking for suppliers on new type of EV batteries
King Long expands in Europe, established partner for Czech Rep and Slovakia
Toyoda Gosei to increase production in Europe
Kirchhoff Automotive looking for new suppliers
Hyundai expands operations in Central Europe
Uni Gasket to expand production in Europe
Vision & Strategy 2025: Brose to make global competence centre from Ostrava
Brano aims to develop its own electric vehicle, later might start producing it
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