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Autofox News is a service focused on providing newscast from the automotive and related fields. It is intended primarily for companies and other legal entities that need fast, detailed and comprehensive information service for their work. Information is published in the form of flashes and articles. Flash usually has a link to the sources (hyperlink, document, photo). Article contains information and contexts in the author's text, and may contain photo gallery, videos, tables, related articles. The news reporting deals with a number of topics such as products, services, prices, promotion, alternative drives, orders, tenders, business network, cooperation, plans, expansion, investment, premises, human resources, personnel changes, changes in ownership, business results, financial results, legislation, analyses, estimates, professional events. For further information, pricing or order execution, please contact us at

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Pavel Vojtek left Defend Insurance Group
BMW announced tender for new dealership in Czech Rep
Two Hyundai dealerships closed in Czech Rep
Continental looks for dozens of people for plant in Czech Rep
Czech antitrust authority imposed fine on two car dealers for cartel
Daimler prepares investment in Czech Rep
BusinessRent: Business Lease opened car and van rental in Czech Rep
MBtech to expand one development centre in Czech Rep
Shandong Linglong Tire wants to build two more plants, one in Europe
Mann+Hummel makes changes in organizational structure in Eastern Europe
Magna won contracts for Jaguar and Toyota EVs
Chassix wants to build plant in Eastern Europe
Mitsubishi Motors plans to build plant in Eastern Europe
SaarGummi plans further investment in Czech Rep
Samsung looking for suppliers on new type of EV batteries
Constellium to build second plant in Czech Rep
Innogy agreed on cooperation with another network of filling stations in Czech Rep
Ford aims to strengthen dealer network in Czech Rep
Volvo Car looking for new dealer for one site in Czech Rep
King Long expands in Europe, established partner for Czech Rep and Slovakia
Schaeffler wants to build new plant in Eastern Europe
Toyoda Gosei to increase production in Europe
Benteler to build two new plants in Central Europe
Kirchhoff Automotive looking for new suppliers
Skoda wants to strengthen sale of quality used cars at dealerships
Safarcik: Nissan to introduce new sales concept of commercial vehicles in Czech Rep
Antonin Charouz returns to automotive business
AutoBinck wants to buy some dealers in Central Europe
Ford Store: Ford chose six dealers in Czech Rep to sell premium products
EWT Truck & Trailer introduced strategy by 2020
Autocentrum Barth agreed to cooperate with another carmaker
Hyundai expands operations in Central Europe
Porsche Inter Auto plans to build new showroom in Czech Rep
Uni Gasket to expand production in Europe
Ford to expand product offer in Europe with trucks
Vision & Strategy 2025: Brose to make global competence centre from Ostrava
New Mercedes-Benz dealership to be built in Czech Rep
Brano aims to develop its own electric vehicle, later might start producing it
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